Pinot Noir, Russian River, 2013
"Balance and Grace"

Pinot Noir, Russian River, 2013

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Tasting Notes

Deep, dark and dank. This Russian River Pinot had relatively warm growing condtions, which left this juicy red, RIPE, and ready for drinking, right out of the gate. Black cherry and silty soil. A rich mid-pallet and lots of tannin to finish. This may not be the best wine to bring to your next Burgundy-fan-boy meeting, but it'll make your Grandma happy, when she asks for "nothing too sweet".

If you're lucky enough to still be holding a bottle, drink it!


Featured on the label is Mildred Mesinger. Teddy's grandmother, and olympic diver in the late 1940's. Her balance and grace inspired us to dedicate this label to her in the year of her passing, 2013.

Much loved by her family and friends, when given the right amount of wine, she could lead the room in song and dance, until late-late in the evening...